Basic Guidelines On Swift Plans In Bridal Suite

After staging it to look like Bo was dumping his baby mamma at the altar, it was revealed that it was all part of an act so the mustached buffooncould lay down some (sick?) rhymes with wedding officiator Reverend Funkacon. (Yes, really.) But perhaps best of all was Garrett getting Myrtle to believe that this was a lesbian wedding, and Bo was in fact a woman. Elsewhere in the episode * In an attempt to prevent the layoffs we learned about at the end of last weeks episode, Glenninvited Jeff to the reception. His plan? Introduce the district manager to some of the Cloud 9 associates who are right on the poverty line, and hell be forced to call off firing anyone. Once that backfired, Glenn grabbed a microphone and begged Jeff not to make him fire his family, thus revealing to all of his employees that their jobs were in danger. * Dina insisted on being a part of Cheyennes bridal party, then proceeded to be the absolute worst bridesmaid ever. Not only did she give an unwantedtoast that featuredone too many dk jokes, but she later rejected Cheyennes gift and asked for the cash instead. * Sandras crushJerry (who we first met in Ladies Lunch) turned up as Carols date. After Sandra cleared up the fact that she never actually had a boyfriend named Jeff, and Jerry realized how much he and Sandra had in common (they are both susceptible toInternet clickbait), he returned to the reception sans Carol and asked if it would be OK to kiss her.

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